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What Is Yealink? Why Do We Need It?

If you’re buying a complete, custom-made business phone solution, look into Yealink. They offer an array of enterprise-grade IP mobile phones at a small-business price. You’ll have life-like speech quality and productive and accurate dialling features. Even the US uses Yealink. Don’t you want to discover more?

WHO’S Yealink For?
No real matter what size or type of business you run, there’s a Yealink solution for you. Even the United Nations uses Yealink. So, you understand that you can depend on this innovative tone of voice and video communications system if indeed they can.

Why Should You Consider A Yealink IP Business Phone System?
Yealink is a global head in Unified Marketing communications and collaborative alternatives. They are focused on research and innovation and have technological patents in cloud computing, audio, video and image handling technology. They provide business phone alternatives in more than 140 countries and parts surrounding the world.

What Business Phones Do Yealink Phones Ghana Offer?
Yealink’s SIP Mobile phones allow you to communicate using computers and cellular devices over the Internet.

You can choose from their:

T5 Smart or Business Marketing Phones
T4 SIP Phones
T2 SIP Phones
DECT Office or Wi-fi Phones
SIP Skype for Business Phones
Desktop Training video Phones
Video Conferencing Room Systems
Audio Conferencing
The Yealink Reaching Service – a distributed cloud-based video conferencing
And others.

WHAT’S Unified Communications (UC) & Why Do WE ARE IN NEED OF It?
With UC you can connect to anyone on any device from anywhere. UC enhances efficiency and output and can lessen your communications costs.

Gain Efficiency & Productivity

You could unify voice, video recording and data for multitasking. Use UC on smartphones, tablets and other cellular devices.

You’ll no longer be linked with your workplace, as well as your employees can collaborate from their home, any office or on the highway.

UC solutions from Yealink hook up your team in a adaptable, simple way. They are able to collaborate seamlessly with no limitations of solutions, distance or device.

Reduce Costs
Yealink’s Unified Communications reduces communication costs by:

Transferring your mobile device traffic from a cellular network to a WLAN (Cordless GEOGRAPHIC AREA Network). This reductions your service agency charges.
Decreases travel costs by replacing in-person meetings with Web cooperation.
Minimizes or eliminates downtime from unsuccessful contact efforts.
Why Should We Consider Video recording Conferencing?
Using the fast developments in technology and the web, the way businesses communicate has changed. For small and medium-sized business, it’s important to remain prior to the competition with improved collaboration between your departments and branches, with smooth communications among lovers, investors and customers. Video recording Conferencing provides face-to-face communication beyond any office and convention rooms. It can help you boost cooperation and productivity.

Plus, you can cut costs. The expenses of planing a trip to conferences for face-to-face marketing communications adds up quickly. You could have the expenses of transportation, accommodations, meeting rooms, meals, time costs from the office plus more. With Yealink Video tutorial Conferencing you can benefit from multi-party cooperation from any device and in any location.

JUST HOW DO We Decide Which Yealink Devices Are Best For Our Business?
You need the help of your IT service company that can help you select which solution is most beneficial for you. Since pcs, cellular devices, and VoIP business devices are all designed to work together, it’s essential that you come with an IT support provider who understands modern VoIP cell phone systems and exactly how they can be used to improve collaboration and marketing communications.

Yealink SIP-T21(P) E2 takes entry-level IP phones to a new level, making full-use of high-quality materials to offer a smoother user experience.

The Yealink T21P E2 is a 2-line basic level IP phone that is capable of doing the essential functions you need for extended phone use. The T21P E2 has a telephone listing, HD-Voice, a 5-brand graphical LCD display and helps PoE.

Yealink T21P IP Phone VoIP Mobile Overview
This specific addition to the SIP-T2 series has dual 10/100 network ports and supports IPv6, Open VPN and a redundancy server, and also operates with SRTP/ HTTPS/ TLS, 802.1x. for long network use. The built in PoE permits easy, flexible and secure installation. The T21P E2 is made for business surroundings with headset compatibility and wall mountable.

The major difference between the T21P and the newer version the T21P E2 is the screen is now backlight. This will allow for a brighter and easier to use screen for an individual.

Yealink SIP-T21P E2 Features and Functions:
2 Line Appearances
Dual-port 10/100 Ethernet
Yealink Optima HD Tone of voice Supported
Approximately 2 SIP accounts
Full-duplex hands-free speakerphone
No expansion modules supported
RJ9 Headset Port
132×64-pixel graphical LCD display with backlight
Wall mountable
Supports PoE, Power also available separately

They will:

Help you set up your Yealink System correctly.
Integrate your Phone System with your IT solutions, so you take full advantage of it.
Respond quickly to problems or answers to your questions.
Ensure cybercriminals don’t exploit your VoIP system.
Make sure your Yealink Telephone System is tailored to how you do business.
Who Can Help Us HAVE THE Personalized Service WE ARE IN NEED OF?
An IT service agency like Cyber Solutions can give you the personal service you will need. Rather than clinging on the telephone looking forward to one of the larger carriers to answer your questions, Cyber Solutions will reply to your cell phone calls immediately and address them quickly.

With a big company, you’ll be handed faraway from lower level techs to raised level ones. It might take a week or even more that you can get a problem resolved. With an IT company like Cyber Alternatives, you’ll get access to techs that you need.

We’ll demonstrate how a customized solution with individualized service will keep you content with your VoIP service today and in to the future. And we’ll be pleased to discuss how our Yealink Business Phones compare to others.


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