Once an incredibly ruthless, near-atheistic trial lawyer who specialized and found self-worth in creating defense strategies in high-risk cases involving millions of dollars or many years of freedom. Started the @RepStevenSmith parody account on Twitter as a form of therapy after my best friend’s suicide in 2013, before becoming recognized as fodder for the mainstream media, which has since labeled me a Bernie Bro, Alt-Right leader, and inspirer of “fake news” nutcases, depending on the narrative they’re pushing at the time.

IRL: God-believer (saved in 2009 when a client finally dragged me to church) : love my kids : blessed by life-threatening events and post-traumatic stress that dramatically changed my worldview and faith : mixed-race : regularly in need of giving/receiving forgiveness : fascinated by people regardless of their successes, failures, or position in life : graduated with distinction from UW-Madison, cum laude from Marquette University Law School : reluctant Republican.

In Memoriam: my Twitter Chief of Staff ‘TJ Mitch Johnson’ (3/2017), without whose constant help and unwavering friendship Rep. Smith would have retired long ago; and Derek (9/2013), my best friend since childhood and partner in hundreds of pranks.