SHOCK VIDEO: Robert Mueller testified that his powers as FBI Director allowed him to keep secrets from the President

Is Special Counsel Robert Mueller illegally hiding evidence?

A no-knock search warrant for the President’s personal lawyer, arresting the National Security Adviser for forgetting minor details about a non-crime, charging the President’s former campaign chairman for years-old tax violations, and now an Gestapo-style arrest of Roger Stone for process crimes–it seems like “everyone” around Trump is a target for the Mueller machine.

These cases have nothing to do with President Trump “colluding” with Russians to “hack” the 2016 presidential election. That was supposed to be the purpose for Mueller’s investigation, which is nearly 2 years old. If the “walls are closing in,” they’re moving very, very, very slowly, sliding together at a snail’s pace.

Why would Mueller want this investigation to last indefinitely? To protect his deep state friends, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the Democrats who never thought she’d lose.

According to Mueller, a “pending investigation” involving the President and “national security” allow him to withhold information from the President–even national security information. He testified that he could withhold national security information from the President during his nomination for FBI Director in 2001:

President Trump has the absolute authority to declassify any and all classified information held by the US government. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s “pending investigation” is not an exception, nor is his questionable claims regarding “national security” concerns, based on a “salacious and unverified” dossier.

Mueller thinks he’s above the law, above the President, and above the Constitution. He thinks he can withhold anything he wants to from the president–as long as it’s related to any case, no matter how weak, that involves the “executive branch” and “national security.” It doesn’t matter that his bogus case is based on lies in the Steele Dossier, which were regurgitated on FISA warrant applications; or that the lead investigator, Peter Strzok, was unbelievably biased; or that no real evidence ever existed to support “collusion.” Mueller still calls the case “pending,” which illegally removes it from the President’s view.

After all of this time, expense, and no real results, it’s becoming more and more obvious that the unproven and seemingly endless Russia conspiracy theory is all just one big cover-up for spying on Trump, and it needs to end now.


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