Hillary Clinton used an unsecured Blackberry INSIDE Russia while Robert Mueller was FBI Director

NEW EVIDENCE proves that Hillary Clinton used her personal cell phone inside Russia as Secretary of State, exposing her phone and private email server to extreme risk of hacking by Russian intelligence agencies in mid-October 2009, just 10 months into her 4-year term. Clinton would later lie to the public and the FBI about her security practices in Russia, after apparently forgetting that this photo ever existed. 

The archived photo, taken during Secretary of State Clinton’s first official trip to Moscow, shows Hillary talking into what appears to be a rectangular-shaped, black-on-silver Blackberry smartphone. Her awkward hand position–with the length of her hand concealing most of the phone, and fingers wrapped around the top–could have been an attempt to conceal the device from being photographed. The Russian alphabet lettering in the background and caption accompanying the photo stating that Hillary had “traveled to Moscow” leave little doubt that this photo was taken inside Russia:

Screenshot 2018-09-14 21.30.51
Hillary Clinton using her personal Blackberry during her October 2009 trip to Moscow as Secretary of State.
Screenshot 2018-09-24 13.16.03
Expanded photo of Hillary’s using her unauthorized Blackberry phone inside Russia.
Screenshot 2018-09-16 15.36.32
Reference photo of similar Blackberry phone, with no case. Date and location unknown.

Although it was initially published in a mainstream media outlet, there is no indication that the FBI ever knew of this photo’s existence at the time, while Robert Mueller was FBI Director, or later on, while then-FBI Director James Comey and Agent Peter Strzok were supervising the Clinton emails case.

This photo started the investigation, but the Russia photo could finish it.

This iconic photo of Hillary using a Blackberry on a military plane in 2011 prompted a State Department Freedom of Information Act official–but not Mueller’s FBI–to inquire about whether Hillary was using a government-issued device:

Takin Bribes photo.jpeg

The Congressional investigations that followed revealed the existence of Hillary’s private server, her exclusive use of a private email system, and the fact that she never used State Department devices to conduct government business.

Despite all of this evidence, Hillary has squeaked out of Espionage Act and Obstruction of Justice charges by feigning ignorance of classification rules and blaming staff for her misdeeds. The media pushed these falsehoods by claiming that Hillary’s decades in government made her a dedicated public servant who never intended to violate a few minor rules. Hillary even uses the phrase “but my emails” to signify the insignificance of her actions:

With willing accomplices in the FBI, Hillary was able to beat the rap when Jim Comey shrugged his shoulders and concluded that none of her actions were intentional or even criminally negligent–only “careless.” That’s not the legal standard (which says “negligent” mishandling of classified information is a crime), but because people like Comey and former Secretary of State Colin Powell “did it too,” any similar crime was treated as a technical offense that was commonly committed and never punished.

The only problem? Colin Powell didn’t use an unsecured personal phone inside Russia.

The Russia photo utterly destroys the assumption that Hillary was merely “careless” like everyone else. Taken in the context of her own words, the Russia photo proves that she violated the Espionage Act by knowingly ignoring security policies and intentionally using a personal Blackberry over a spy-infested Russian telecom network–then lying about what she did.

Before the Russia trip, the NSA told Hillary that she was specifically prohibited from using a personal Blackberry for State Department communications.

In February 2009, eight months before the Russia photo was taken, at least five security experts from the National Security Agency turned down Hillary’s request for a government-issued Blackberry. Additionally, the NSA refused to grant a waiver for Hillary to use her own devices. 

The following month, Hillary paid to set up an unauthorized private email server and continued to use her prohibited personal Blackberry, which used AT&T as the cellular service provider. Emails sent and received by her phone passed through her Chappaqua server, which did not have two-factor authentication or sophisticated encryption, and was subjected to an increasing number of “brute force” hacking attacks over Hillary’s term as Secretary of State. 

Nearly every State Department email Hillary sent or received during her term as Secretary of State, from January 2009 to 2013, was sent over this unsecured personal server, which in turn amassed hundreds of classified emails over her term. Many of these emails included beyond Top Secret sensitive compartmentalized information, such as satellite photos of North Korean nuclear sites.

Because of the risks Hillary took inside Russia, it’s likely that Russian intelligence had direct access to Hillary’s emails for nearly her entire term as Secretary of State.

Russian intelligence spies on every phone that connects to its telecom networks.

In Russia, all telecoms are required by law to give intelligence agencies access to all communications, so the entire country is subjected to a “man in the middle” hacking attack. Russian telecoms are also required by law to limit encryption and install data collection machines that can be accessed directly by members of the notorious Russian intelligence agency FSB.

One of the companies providing email decryption keys to Russian intelligence was Research in Motion–the company that makes the Blackberry phone. These vulnerabilities were disclosed to Russian intelligence in November 2007, as a condition of selling the Blackberry in Russia. Because the devices were rendered unsecured intentionally by the company itself, Hillary’s Blackberry emails were visible to Russian intelligence immediately after she connected to a Russian telecom.

Even worse, an unsecured “roaming” Blackberry phone automatically connects to networks when it’s turned on, automatically transmitting and receiving radiofrequency signals from cell towers and/or cell-site simulator devices disguised as cell towers, which can be used to locate a particular device, then decrypt and intercept communications, including emails, phone calls, text messages, websites visited, and GPS location data.

Russian intelligence is allegedly responsible for hacking a plethora of extremely high-value targets outside Russia, such as the White House, the German parliament, NATO, Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Yahoo, Blackwater, the DNC, and John Podesta.

Despite these successful attacks, and CNN’s laughably fake news about Hillary’s server being “hard to trace,” anyone transmitting information from a personal device inside Russian territory would have to be delusionally ignorant of the security situation there or, much more likely, have a blatant disregard for the protection of devices that contain classified information.

Hillary knew that using “electronic devices” in Russia was a national security risk.

After using her unsecured cell phone inside Russia, Hillary lied to the public about using any electronic device there, going so far as to praise herself for adhering to standard security practices while inside the country.  Hillary claimed to know “a lot” about what Russia does to gather information, which required her to “leave all of [her] electronic equipment on the plane, with the batteries out”–every time she traveled to Russia:

In the same 2014 interview, Hillary demanded that “lawbreaker” Edward Snowden return to the United States for prosecution because he “violated his duties” while working in the US intelligence industry.

The Department of Justice Inspector General recently discovered that Hillary’s personal email server was compromised and that nearly every email sent to or received by Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State was secretly forwarded to an unnamed “foreign entity.”  Having her email contacts also gave this “foreign entity” an address book for the same types of phishing attacks that were allegedly used against Podesta and the DNC later on. One of Hillary’s released emails shows that she clicked on and forwarded at least one phishing email that was received from a colleague’s personal email address, which the hackers masked as a link to a porn site.

While all of this was happening, Mueller’s FBI and the rest of the Obama administration apparently didn’t even know that America’s top foreign diplomat was using a completely unsecured communications system both overseas and at home.

Hillary used her Blackberry inside Russia to email Obama’s official account, but the FBI accepted her excuse that she sent it “from the plane”

In 2012, Hillary sent an email from Russia to Obama’s official email account using her personal Blackberry, thereby releasing Obama’s email address and IP address to Russian intelligence, as well as the contents of the communication.

While the Russian origin of the 2012 email was either unnoticed or ignored at the time, the FBI would later determine, presumably from Obama’s email metadata, that Hillary sent the email from a Russian telecom. There is no indication that the FBI or other intelligence agencies even knew Hillary was using a private phone and server until years after this communication was sent and received.

In her 2016 interview with the FBI, the interviewing agent confronted Hillary with the email she sent to Obama’s official email account “from Russia.” Hillary responded that the email must have been sent “from the plane“–implying that Russia’s communications network was used by mistake:

Screenshot 2018-09-15 20.59.03

While this excuse might have been good enough for Dir. Comey and Lead Agent Peter Strzok, the surrounding circumstances suggest it was hardly a “mistake.”

During the 2012 trip, Hillary flew on a 747 jumbo jet to St. Petersburg, Russia, where she met with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.  For an international flight to receive cellular service, it must be moving at a rate less than 155 miles per hour and flying at an altitude below 10,000 feet. International flights cruise at 575 miles per hour and fly at an altitude of 35,000 to 42,000 feet, unless they are departing or approaching an airport.

Based on the speed and altitude of the plane, Hillary could only send an email to Obama “from the plane” if she was descending into, ascending from, or on the runway of the St. Petersburg airport. At that point, her AT&T phone would show a triangle-shaped “roaming” icon on the screen, as well as a Russian carrier name listed as the service provider in the upper right corner. And because the cell service was only available as she approached or left the St. Petersburg airport, it would obviously be connected to a Russian telecom network.

Regardless of whether she used the phone “on the plane” or not, she used it inside Russia, as well as off the plane in Russia in 2009, providing Russian intelligence direct access to her Blackberry on both trips.

Russian intelligence actively targeted Hillary’s communications.

Oddly enough, our best view of Russia’s spying on Hillary Clinton is not provided by the FBI’s counterintelligence division, but rather from a document Hillary paid for herself: the Steele Dossier. While the Clinton email investigation was still pending, former MI6 spy Christopher Steele drafted a memo regarding Russian surveillance of Hillary Clinton’s activities inside Russia. 

According to Steele’s source, Hillary’s intelligence file includes “intercepted phone calls”

Screenshot 2018-09-14 22.40.06

Hillary’s file was also personally supervised by a high-ranking Russian diplomat, “directly on PUTIN’s orders.” While Russian intelligence was doing “phone intercepts,” and Hillary was using personal devices from inside Russia to email our president, our own intelligence agencies were ignorant of the fact that she was intentionally defying them and knowingly threatening national security by using a completely unsecured communications system inside Russia.

Robert Mueller missed all of these grotesque security breaches as FBI Director.

Robert Mueller was FBI Director during Hillary’s entire term as Secretary of State, yet seemed to miss (1) the NSA telling Hillary she couldn’t use a Blackberry, (2) Hillary intentionally ignoring their decision and using her own Blackberry, (3) her transmission of hundreds of classified documents that put intelligence sources and methods at risk, (4) the complicity of other government officials, including Obama, in her use of this unsecured system, and (5) her use of a decrypted personal phone, that backed up to a personal server, inside Russia.  Where was Mueller then? Did he know about this?

Now we know the following:

  • That Hillary intentionally used an unauthorized personal cell phone, which backed up to an unauthorized server that illegally contained classified information
  • That newly discovered photographic evidence proves that she exposed her personal Blackberry to Russian intelligence by making calls inside Russia
  • That she knew she endangered national security by using her phone inside Russia
  • That she lied about her security practices inside Russia to the public and to the FBI
  • That she destroyed multiple devices and drives to prevent forensic investigation

If knowingly exposing an unsecured device to Russian intelligence inside Russia and then lying about it to the FBI don’t constitute violations of the Espionage Act and Obstruction of Justice, then what possibly could?



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