Wikileaks is Not Our Enemy

This week CIA Director Mike Pompeo reiterated his long-running support for mass data collection and surveillance by complaining about Wikileaks, as if though his agency’s main focus was directed at criticizing an information publisher. He even complained that Wikileaks is no New York Times (as if though that’s an example of credible journalism), so therefore Julian Assange not entitled to First Amendment protections.

The whole thing was very bizarre, considering that if it weren’t for Julian Assange, we’d be saying “Madam President” right now:

“To Bill Kristol, Thanks for everything. Love, H”

But besides the whole Hillary-as-our-president thing apparently not bothering Pompeo at all, why does he automatically think we should trust the CIA? These are the same people who told us lies like Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, with mouthpieces like the New York Times slavishly agreeing based on their “insider” information.

Screenshot 2017-03-28 at 8.31.13 PM
The most #FakeNews editorial in the last 15 years, which strongly contributed to a war fought under false pretenses.

That’s how it works: (1) government makes up fictions; (2) media validates them; (3) public agrees to something very risky and horrible, such as war, because they are convinced the danger must be addressed. Do you like that ISIS exists and has its own country? Thank the CIA and New York Times for playing a major role in bringing us ISIS. Maybe Pompeo considers hundreds of thousands of deaths, disfigured American soldiers, and thousands of veteran suicides–based entirely on false intelligence—”taking one for the team.”


Just like the bogus “Russian hackers” narrative they’re selling now, the New York Times also believed fully in the “intelligence agencies” selling the Iraq WMDs story that led us to war. They even used an Iraqi hackers story—back in 2003! It’s like a series of reruns of 24, but without even trying to vary the plots and zero creativity:

Screenshot 2017-04-15 at 4.23.32 PM

That was fourteen years ago. Same lies, same excuses, same bitterness at anyone who exposes what they’re really doing.

Fast forward to the 2012 Benghazi YouTube video excuse, and it becomes clear that nothing ever changes at all, and that “intel” is meaningless without corroboration. Why? Because no one is ever held accountable for lying about war and violence:

The YouTube video statements were proven to be a blatant lie this year by Wikileaks. Hillary Clinton knew it was a terrorist attack long before Rice made this tour-de-deception on the Sunday shows, which completely and uncritically accepted them as truth. As virtual co-conspirators, the mainstream media don’t want to set the record straight when it falls apart, either, which completes the circle of deception.

Screenshot 2017-04-15 at 8.10.55 PM
From the UK’s, January 17, 2016. Hillary knew “the night of” the Benghazi attack that the YouTube video excuse was bogus.

Say what you will about Wikileaks, but at least we know a whole lot more about how things really work because of them. And Julian Assange has basically been treated like a criminal since the 2010 Cablegate releases, which embarrassed Hillary’s State Department by showing what they really thought about other leaders and diplomats. That’s around the same time when Assange was falsely accused of sex crimes, forced into house arrest, and eventually sought asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London—where he has lived in the same two rooms for 6 years. He has never been charged with a crime. (Update: the Department of Justice recently indicated it issued an arrest warrant for Julian Assange, although whether he has been charged with a crime under a sealed indictment is a matter of speculation.)

If Russia is the one “supporting” him in mysterious ways, Assange certainly got a bad deal. He’s virtually imprisoned and the embassy is surrounded by police–yet he’s still not charged anywhere. But if Assange did leave, he’d almost certainly be hunted down and killed by someone he’s offended, if not arrested and tried for the kinds of bogus criminal charges that clay-faced TV “journalists” would never face in America. The phony teleprompter readers don’t cover real news very often, but out of jealousy or by command do things like call Assange a pedophile–with no basis:

Yet Assange keeps fighting, releasing critical information about the CIA, Hillary Clinton, and other powerful individuals throughout the world. Very few people have that level of courage anywhere. If you want an example of a guy who fits Pompeo’s desire for obedient journalism extremely well, watch Chris Cuomo try to prevent Wikileaks materials from reaching the public.

The DNC leaks were simply devastating to the Democratic Party, resulting in multiple resignations–including chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The Podesta emails were equally or more damaging when they were released. Both involved a monumental effort by the public to organize the information and find the parts showing the worst corruption, which was overwhelming. Without this information, President Trump almost certainly would have lost the 2016 presidential election. He was outspent, out-biased, and the entire establishment was against him. The Podesta emails evened the score by showing what seemed like an endless stream of corruption and real foreign influence involving the Clintons.


Almost none of this reporting was done by the New York Times. It involved a monumental effort by the public to sift through, categorize, and disseminate this information using social media, which was historic in both nature and scope. Without these revelations about the true nature of the Clintons, President Trump almost certainly would have lost the 2016 presidential election. Wikileaks was some of the only honest journalism in 2016:

Recently Wikileaks released the Vault 7 documents, showing that the CIA was involved in creating false digital impressions that certain nations–including Russia–were responsible for computer hacks when they were not (sounds important, especially right now). Other information included hijacking certain consumer electronics to make them listening devices at the manufacturing level. If a noble and clean record of respecting constitutional rights accompanied these efforts, then there would be nothing to worry about, right? The agencies involved would get the necessary judicial warrants, then use the installed exploits to legally get the information, right?

Unfortunately for the intelligence community, you can’t be untruthful about events in places like Iraq and Libya and expect to maintain the public trust. Even worse, and much more third-world than almost anything else in American history, Obama used other intelligence agencies to monitor Trump’s internal communications! It’s a terrible record of deception and dishonesty, with little-to-no meaningful success in foreign policy and massive violations of civil rights domestically.

We have a separation of powers (legislative to decide what becomes law and is funded, judicial to decide legal limits, and executive to carry out the programs). “Executive” doesn’t mean that anything goes, yet that’s what it has meant lately. If we can’t trust our government to govern itself honestly, then an aggressive “fourth estate” becomes that much more necessary. Who will we rely on to tell us about government abuses of power, even to the point of surveillance of US presidential candidates? CNN? The New York Times? They’re co-conspirators who would gladly participate in a coverup.

No, Director Pompeo, Wikileaks is not the enemy. They are one of the few organizations that are keeping the United States from slipping into complete tyranny. To complain about them, yet ignore our foreign enemies, raises serious questions about whether your priorities match the job the Constitution requires you to do.


6 thoughts on “Wikileaks is Not Our Enemy

  1. This is a great article. It boggles my head how one does NOT want to know the truth. I don’t understand. A dear friend of mine, who is a Clinton supporter, said to me ‘there are times when we shouldn’t know the truth.’ WHAAAAT? Anyways, great article and hang in there, Assange 🙂


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