Saying ‘no’ to this guy.

Never interview with someone who uses the word “Twittering,” thinks our world news should be limited to 23 nearly-identical minutes of mainstream media TV stories each day, and once called Rachel Maddow a genius.

Hannity learned the hard way. These people weren’t playing fair to begin with, but now it’s all punching below the belt. The competition is too much for them.

I had a juvenile court case the day he wanted the interview, and my duty to my client came first. But I’m sure Ted Koppel would have wanted to further smear me with lies by the New York Times published just the week before about my “Twittering,” which were later proven completely false.

As a funny experiment I contacted his producer a few months later to reschedule. He had no interest in interviewing me anymore. Why? Because Ted Koppel is a narrative-driven, deceptive-editing liar who is bad for American journalism. That’s why.  Once I had enough evidence to easily humiliate his friends, I wasn’t welcome anymore. He’s no better than the commentators he mocks every chance he gets. He’s even worse because he pretends to have no bias.

The mainstream media does NOT deserve our time. Why give them ratings if they play dirty?


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